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Barney Dunstan
16 April 1978
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Hey! So I've been given one of these diary things, right? And apparently I'm supposed to write stuff here about who I am. So here you are, I'm Barney Dunstan, 7th year, Hufflepuff keeper and just sort of general nice bloke, I suppose. I hope I'm a nice bloke, anyway. You can generally find me out on the pitch practicing, or wandering around the grounds, or in the library studying, or in the greenhouses, or in the Hufflepuff common room just hanging out. Winter there's more library and common room, summer there's more grounds, for obvious reasons, although, having said that, Hogwarts is beautiful in all seasons and people really should go outside more to appreciate the different plants and stuff that come out at different times of year, and the grubs and things. I think you'd be interested, maybe. I'm usually with friends, mostly but not exclusively Hufflepuff, but I like to think I'm quite approachable anyway so if you fancy a conversation just come up and say hi, and we can go somewhere and chat. I can't guarantee it'll be interesting, but I'll give it a shot. I think spending time with someone is the best way to get to know them, not reading some bio thingie. Oh! There's one exception to that, actually. If you just want to talk to a Hufflepuff for gossip on Cedric's death, you can get stuffed because he's worth more than that, alright? Alright.
People always put on these sorts of things all stuff about their family, but I don't really get why. I've got parents and siblings and they do stuff that's their own business, except when Dad brings home a sick owl to show mum and it screeches all night, and then it's most definitely our business too. But I can promise you I will not keep you up with sick owls in the night, so I don't see that you should care. Yeah, I do have an owl as my familiar, a barn owl called Willoughby. I've had him years, Dad helped me train him, but he sleeps in the owlery, so yeah.
NEWT year, this year. Big year. Lots of work to do. I don't know exactly what I'll be doing next year, but hopefully something outside. Okay I'm bored of writing stuff now.

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More info on Barney here.

Just for fun. No profit, honest. I'm not Zac Efron, who owns himself. I'm not B. Dunstan, who belongs to JKR. Mind you, the character beyond a name and interest in Quidditch, is mine all miiine. Want to play? Go to ootp_newts